e-Market Place Design and Development

An online marketplace or e-Market Place is a giant umbrella that encompasses multiple third parties that offer their products or services. However, transactions are processed by the marketplace operator and then delivered and fulfilled by the participating retailers or wholesalers. A marketplace basically aggregates products from providers which broadens the scope of selection and thus maximizes the chances of growth.

Difference between an Online shop and e-Market Place

  1. In an online marketplace, there are several third parties but in the case of an online shop, there is just one shop.
  2. In the case of e-Market Place, the service provider works as a meeting point but the online shop doesn’t have any mediator in between. It is directly between the vendor and customer.
  3. If we explain this in simple terms then Online shop is basically having your own personalized shop in practical world whereas e-Market Place is that like a mall where various shops open up and they give certain commission to the owner of the mall.
  4. To know more about Online shop Features here


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Features of an e-Market Place

  1. Building business- An e-Market Place helps the business expand itself as numerous third parties line up to offer their products. The e-Marketplace basically works as a meeting point for the service providers like it is in the case of a mall in physical world.
  2. Unlimited shops- An e-Market Place can have unlimited shops dealing in the similar or different products depending on the e-commerce website that’s letting them set up themselves. Unlimited shops signify unlimited options to offer the services to the customers.
  3. Items- Comparison is a basic tendency of customers. This medium allows the client to browse their desired products from different vendors and draw comparison between them which are available at the same platform. This gives them a chance to avail the best product at the lowest cost, thus enhancing their confidence in the website and allowing them to maintain their shopping experience with them.
  4. Pricing- This platform generates a competitive spark among the third parties offering their products as they can fluctuate their prices based on other competitors. But, high inclinations in the prices can also influence their customer. Thus, this platform both maintains and prevents the customer from getting biased.
  5. Multiple Products- Different products can be listed and lined up in one place to offer to the customers. It enhances the footfall of customers as all the varied range of products are then available at one place. It saves the time of the end user and enhances our profits.
  6. Flexibility- The e-Market Place is flexible for the service provider as innumerable third parties can offer their products to the client maximizing the profits of the provider. Also, it is flexible for both the end customer and the vendor as the customer can view different shops and avail the best opportunity from where he feels most satisfied. And the vendor can oscillate his products as per the convenience.
  7. Location- This medium brings together different vendors from various locations under one roof which is otherwise impossible to handle in the case of a physical shop. They can easily provide their services from the city they are currently dealing in!
  8. Payment and shipping- We also provide payment integration and API services to provide you the facility of online orders and payments. In fact, options of shipping and tracking are also provided by us by integrating your website to the relevant API.


  • Technologies used to develop an e-Market Place

Customize Development- Our solutions include building robust e-Market Place where supplier can open the shops and can sell online. Our solutions encourage flexibility in the projects adjusting and developing as per your needs. We use technologies such as PHP/ Cake PHP, Asp.net, Java as per project needs. Our extensive experience, techniques and developmental skills help you build the exact e-Market Place that you require in any business industry.


Our e-Market Place project-

Tripious is an online company provides a collection of Thailand’s best destinations and travel information with the best-guaranteed prices and brings together all the merchants in the relevant services under one roof!

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Another one being Tonkla, which is an online lifestyle store with numerous shops from distinguished merchants. Here’s a sneak peak for you of our concept-

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