How do we start, execute and manage SEO projects?

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process of getting traffic to your website through paid, organic, editorial search results on a given search engine. There are various techniques adopted by the SEO experts to achieve the desired ranking through SEO.


To begin with, let us first tell you how the Process of SEO starts-

  • Website Analysis– Initially, a client’s website is to determine the exact place that it holds on search engine. Based on this, further steps are taken to bring the website in top rankings.

This website analysis takes two things into consideration- Data Gathering and Competitor Research.

Keyword Research
– The research of keywords involves brainstorming the keyword ideas which means all the trending keywords are listed together pertaining to the client website. After this, ranking keywords are taken into consideration using tools such as Webmaster and other professional tools. In fact, manual checking is also done to find out the ones that got missed by other sources. And to gather other relevant data, Google Keyword Tool and SEOmoz tools are used.


Now comes the execution of techniques based on the research done above-

  • On-Page Optimization– These are the measure that can be taken directly within the website in order to improve the search ranking on search engine. There are basically three things that are focused upon for on-page SEO.


  1. In Web Architecture, Navigation, URL Structure, and Internal Linking are the primary focus areas as they decide the proper movement of Google bot or any other crawlers on any website. It is the main factor in indexing of the pages and avoiding the error 404.
  2. Another important aspect of on-page optimization is its content which is done considering content relevancy, content redundancy, content duplicity, keywords are framed as phrases and stemmed into the content.
  3. HTML & Technical Issues unfolds, checks and resolves any error in titles, tags, alt’s, crawlability & accessibility, site speed and sitemaps which might be affecting the ranking of your website.


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Content Optimization– The content also needs to be optimized which means the title, tags & keywords must be appropriate and as per the client’s project. It is checked whether the meta is placed appropriately and landing pages have proper headings and call to action used in the content which convert the traffic into leads.


  • Off-Page OptimizationOff-page optimization refers to the measures that are taken outside the webpage to improve its position on any given search engine. There are numerous methods adopted by SEO experts for off-page optimization including reputation management, filtering negative back links, profiling, image submissions and content marketing in various forms such as link building blogs, classifieds, press releases etc.


Now, let’s move on to the management of these SEO projects

  1. Analysis- After the careful application of all the techniques, it is re-analyzed to see the effects. What has been done so far, activities performed, changes made, links acquired, ranking changes, traffic and conversion changes etc are a few factors that are closely analyzed.
  2. Evaluation- Post close analysis, evaluation is done to check whether we are targeting the best keywords, targeting the best landing pages and seeing some major changes in the ranking of the webpage.
  3. Competitors- We also check to see how the competitors are performing and whether these techniques have brought the webpage in competition to them. Competitor’s ranking and link building efforts are closely tracked to build comparison.
  4. Reporting- Building a summary of activities &results, going over reports with the clients and creating a modified plan to improve the results further comes under reporting.
  5. Online Reputation Management- Brand monitoring, engagement and dealing with feedback to ensure the rise or maintenance of brand management so created is the focus of reputation management.


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