Importance of Prototype Design in Web Development

  • What is a prototype?

A prototype is basically the first feel of the project which means that a prototype design tells you how a particular page of your website is going to look like.

  • Types of Prototype Designs

The prototypes designs are basically of two types-

  1. Image- The image prototypes are those designs which give the pictorial feel of the pages of your website. It gives you a first glance of how your website is going to feel like. In fact, it gives you clarity about the colors, structure of your website.
  2. HTML- The clickable HTML prototypes are those in which you can navigate from page to page and use functionality such as drop down menus. These give you slightly detailed idea about how the cursor and other features are going to work on a particular webpage.


  1. A website prototype is a visitor’s first look which develops the understanding for the client about how his website is going to look like.
  2. The client also gets clarity on how his particular feature will be viewed.
  3. It also bridges the gap between the understanding of customer and supplier.
  4. A prototype design always reduces the risk of development as all the flaws are mostly addressed in the designing and reviewing of prototype designs.
  5. It also provides clarity on what is in and out of scope in a particular project.
  6. It also clarifies any doubt from client’s end with respect to what was projected and what is coming out in reality.
  7. UI being an important factor of the webpage, a client can clarify things based on color combination, page design, structure or any doubts regarding the structure or functionality of the page.


  • Process of Prototype Design
  1. Sit and understand the requirements of the client like the color combination, page design, other UI requirements and branding ideas.
  2. Form a strategy based on the discussion and client requirements.
  3. Designers start designing the prototype to match the requirements.
  4. For smaller projects, usually 2-3 different prototypes are made. However, for bigger projects, prototypes are made for every screen which is then sent for client review and feedback.
  5. Based on this, the designers again alter the designs, if required.
  6. Then, the procedure further moves on to development, coding, finalizing, launching and promoting.


Prototype Design Web Development


Hence, it can be aptly encapsulated that a prototype design has its own importance in the process of development cycle of a website.

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