Interested in Online Shop Design & Development?

An online shop is a singular focus platform where only one brand or business remains highlighted. It enhances the scope of business and builds customer brand loyalty. Any business whether it is set on a small scale, medium or large scale can have an online shop. This helps both the buyers and sellers in maximizing their area of interest. For the seller, it is an opportunity to keep hold of his prospect’s interests to his products and thus increase the volume of customers. For a buyer, it is an opportunity to not hunt for the competing products.

Features of an Online Shop

  1. Multi-Lingual- To make it understood by all, we make your online shop multi-lingual which means that the customer can select the language of the page based on his understanding of a particular dialect.
  2. Multi-currency- The consumers can indeed transact in multiple currencies without any inconvenience to either the consumer or the seller and get the prices converted in the pertinent currency.
  3. Shipping and tracking- Your online shop can also have shipping and tracking options that enables you to provide the delivery services and your customers can track their orders. Using API, the bridge between seller and customer is developed to deliver the products at the given address with the help of logistic companies.
  4. B2B and B2C- An online shop can work both ways- Business to Business and also Business to Consumers meaning that they can market their services to other business and to consumers directly as well.
  5. Payment Gateway- Through this merchant service, your customers can easily make the payments. For this purpose, we get your shop authorized through APIs for credit card and direct payments for all e-business that enables you to accept the online payments for the transactions.
  6. Shopping Bag- Your customers can also keep the selected stuff in their shopping bag which they can purchase later on when they find it convenient.
  7. Mobile friendly- Your shop can be made both web and mobile friendly enabling your client to access it as and when needed.
  8. Cross-selling- Your e-commerce website can also contain the feature of cross-selling wherein you can grab your customer’s attention and influence him to buy more by suggesting him the relevant products that might match his search history.


Online Shop


  • Technology used for Online Shop

MVM Infotech uses the following technologies to create your impactful online shop:

  1. Opencart- Opencart is an easy to-use, powerful, Open Source online store management program that can manage multiple online stores from a single back-end.It is highly responsive, effective and allows you to customize your e-commerce store according to your suitability.
  2. WordPress- It is an open source platform that gives you options to customize your e-commerce page. It has wonderful templates to make your shop look beautiful!
  3. Magento- Magento is an eCommerce platform built on open source platform which gives online businesses flexible shopping cart system, dynamic design, unique content and functional online store. To know more about Magento Shop Design
  4. Joomla- A popular, easy to use, stable and secure platform to get your e-commerce website designed in the most creative and customizable manner. It has extensions and templates allowing you to customize your site to fit your specific needs.
  5. CakePHP- It is also an open source web framework that runs on cross-platform and is available in multi-lingual. It is highly simpler, faster and requires fewer codes.
  6. Customize online shop- We understand that every client has certain specific and distinguished requirements from others; therefore, we provide our customization services wherein you can easily meet your objective and fulfill the dream of a personalized online shop. To know more about it, refer MVM Shop Features


Why is Online Shop beneficial for business?

  1. Low inventory management cost- An online shop doesn’t require vast spaces to maintain the inventory. Moreover, expenses of maintaining a showroom is also not needed as the customers only view the product online.
  2. 24*7 income- The online shop is accessible at every point and time of the day. So, this maximizes the chances of doubling the profits. In fact, this also benefits customers as they can purchase at any point of the day without getting into any problem.
  3. Low Investment and high returns- An online shop doesn’t require as much investment as it is needed in case of setting up a shop. The cost is low and the income is high. In fact, with everyone becoming internet friendly, the inclination towards online shops is raising that ultimately boosts the scope of your returns.
  4. Lesser risk- An online shop poses lesser threats for any business. Firstly, due to low investment and maintenance cost; secondly, personalized shops will give the attention that your client needs and lastly, there will be lesser risk your client’s attention getting drawn to the competitors’ products.


Projects – We understand that it is the work that speaks. Listed below are a few of our projects for your convenience-