Most popular languages used for developing a mobile app

Most popular languages used for developing a mobile app

Programming language is the deciding factor for an app developer to form his app development journey a pleasant one. And, selecting the best programming language may be a lot like selecting a favorite candy from a store. the choice of your preferred candy doesn’t interest others as there’s a favorite to everybody. the same applies to the programming language. Won’t you like to taste all these candies so that you could also select the one you like the most?

Let’s find out the top mobile app development programming language.


HTML5 is considered a perfect programming languages for mobile application development. it has cross-browser support and is developed to run smoothly on the desktop and mobile browsers. it’s responsive and the best feature that works on all devices. HTML5 is suggested as one of the best languages for developing mobile games in app development Bangkok.

The ease to insert codes and clean coding are extra parameters that make this markup language one favorite to mobile app developers. it’s feature like user interaction. Offline editing, message enhancements and a common SQL database storing makes it one of the most used language for the mobile app developers.


Java is the preferred language for android mobile application development. This object-oriented programming language is run in 2 different ways: either in a browser window or in a virtual machine that works without a browser too. This flexibility of Java helps developers a lot in case need to re-use the codes so as to update the software. you’ll be able to select Java when considering cross-platform application development. Java also provides the freedom to come up with any of application you’d wish to develop for android.


Python has become another popular language for mobile app developers Bangkok. beside developing mobile apps, the programming language is popularly used in web development too. The language can easily be transferred across platforms that’s why it’s one of the most favorite to a number of web/mobile app developers. the most effective factor about Python is that it is used both for android app development as well as iOS application development. This is great for scalability and readability that runs across all operating systems.


For android app development, C/C++ is one of the most popular programming languages. Android native development kit helps developers greatly in making the apps using this language. C/C++ is one exceptional for apps like 3D Games. For iOS mobile app development, C++ works with objective C and the mobile app developers can use this language. It saves the extra time and efforts of developers. In case, mobile app developers only need to write the native codes, the libraries are all there to develop the code for the same.


Being an object-oriented programming language, C# is used widely by Microsoft on Windows mobile platforms. it’s a pure objective version of C & C++. For all those developers who are working on windows platform, it’s profitable to use the language. C# offers an exceptional support to web developers in the form of lambda expressions, enumerations, and nullable values moreover as direct memory access that’s not available for the developers when they work with Java. With a similar reason, it becomes simple for mobile app developers to create custom iteration behaviors that may easy to use at client-side.


Swift is an Apple creation and developed primarily for iOS mobile app development. it’s a great option for the developers because it has number of features and functionalities to include into the app for iOS app development. because of its capabilities, Swift is currently considered the future of mobile app development. it’s easy to learn and that is why a number of app developer Thailand opt for the same. Programmers who are familiar with Objective C can easily create apps with the help of Swift.


PhoneGap is the ultimate programming language for developers working for android app development. powered by Apache cordova, PhoneGap permits mobile app developers to make apps using a similar code as any developer would require making a website with HTML, CSS moreover as JavaScript. It permits developers to access the native features of the phone or the tablet for instance accelerometer or the camera.

The best thing about PhoneGap is no need to have the knowledge of mobile programming all they require to have is the familiarity with HTML, CSS and JScript when developing the apps. It can be used to develop apps for iOS, Android, Windows as well as for blackberry too.


Kotlin was majorly developed to handle the problems in Java. Kotlin Syntax is simple, clean and leads to less code bloat. Google has also declared that it’s officially adding support for Kotlin. it’s on the list of languages that are too friendly for the developers. Kotlin has recently been used by Uber, Evernote, and Pinterest to add a similar to their mobile applications. It helps developers to focus on the problem-solving while coding a new application.

Choosing the proper programming language is a step further to validate your mobile app development idea into a functional application. At one hand, where the idea is going to play a dominant role, the selection of programming language, on the other hand, can help to take your business strategy to a global level.