Must Have Features of Online Booking Systems for Travel

Must Have Features Of Online Booking Systems for travel

Tour booking engines have erupted in recent years, giving tours and activities worldwide the ability to save time while making more money. however with a variety of online booking tools to decide from, it’s important to list the required features in travel portal development that your business wants. find the most effective features for online booking in below list:

Market your tours & activities online

Tourists are happy to book online, therefore your website should adapt. this implies it has to be appealing, look professional, and function properly to satisfy all their needs.

Seamless website integration

Your booking system has to easily link to your website. this could be done via a hosted web page that’s fully customizable in order that your customers don’t feel like they’re leaving the website, or by being embedded via code into your existing website.

This is so important to reduce confusion and friction for your customers’ booking process. Everything from browsing the tour and choosing availability to putting in credit card details and confirming the booking has to be a seamless experience while travel website development.

Image gallery

High resolution images permit customers to see what they will experience after they book with your company. an image gallery on the booking system permits you to choose the best sights that they’re going to see on the way, and highlight those features of your tours. It’s also important to put up images of your team at work, as a result of it provides your business character.

Facebook booking app

People who are looking at your Facebook page should be able to quickly and simply book a tour without leaving the site. With all of the compelling stats about Facebook and travel, it’s a chance you won’t need to miss. Instagram, Twitter and Google+ are also places you must link to your booking form from.

Currency and language options

Most tour companies wish to appeal to a global audience, therefore it’s necessary to have a travel booking engine software which will be displayed in other languages and also accommodate different currencies. After all, you’ll most likely be catering to tourists, and you wish to make it as easy as possible for them to learn more about your providing and lock in a booking.

Detailed sales reports

Your booking system should permit you to slice and dice all the information you have on your orders. whether it’s by agent, promo code, catalog, product, or maybe staff members, you wish to be able to analyse your business from an operational standpoint. Otherwise, how can you be able to create those key decisions to grow your business?

Operate additional expeditiously

Automating operations tasks through your booking system makes life easier and easier for each customers and workers.

Real-time bookings

Real-time booking features permit you as an activity operator the freedom to decide on when and where you’ll provide specific reservations. At the same time, customers will book these tours and reserve your services once it’s convenient for them, and they receive immediate confirmation of their reservation. This gets rid of the hassle of answering phone-in availability enquiries.

Online payment options

Online merchant accounts work with payment gateways to provide a secure and simple way for your customers to pay for your tours and services. Instant payment increases your validity and proves you value customer privacy and security, and at the same time permits you to get instant, guaranteed payments from your customers.

Anywhere access

Chances are, your days as a tour operator aren’t spent sitting in front of a PC all day. you probably manage your business over your smart phone or tablet as well, therefore ideally you’ll need to have a booking system that works with ‘the cloud’. Cloud based software permits you to manage your business remotely, while you’re on the go and dealing with customers at the same time.

Visual calendar

A visual calendar permits tour and activity operators to check what their daily, weekly and monthly calendars look like at a glance. It’s a simple way to plan for staffing, additional tours and refreshments which may be required. the fact that it updates automatically means there’s one source of the truth. this is much more efficient than going back and forth with other staff members to assure.

Resource management

Maximizing revenue without overbooking is usually a problem if your booking software cannot manage your resources for you. That way you’ll always have enough equipment and tour guides on hand to service as many customers as possible comfortably. Your system should automatically adjust your availability each time a tour is booked, so you never run the risk of overbooking without the resources to deliver.

Manifest management

Your manifest has to be organized so that everyone is on the same page. A well-structured manifest makes sure that you know of your customers’ special needs, who has paid for the tour and who hasn’t, and your vehicle drivers will simply pick up your guests. Your booking system should enable you to customize your manifest based on the fields specified in your booking form.

SMS & email automation

Sending out emails and texts that are standard procedure (confirmation, reminder, and follow-up) takes up too much time. it’s tedious administrative work that several booking systems can permit you to automate. Besides automating this for your customers, your booking system should permit you to be notified in the same way when a booking is made.

Customer communications database

Things will get confusing if communications with your customers aren’t stored in the same database being managed by your booking software. You should be able to send personal-style emails in addition to automated ones, so each staff member will easily see the latest communication that has occurred with the customer in question without having to sift through a messy inbox..