Simplified e-Business Solutions offered by MVM Infotech

With the growing dependency on technology, there is a new direction in which businesses are prospering. It has paved open a way for not just the consumers to buy their desired products online, but has also boosted the performance of several industries, particularly those of E-commerce activities. Earlier, it was difficult to launch new products and thrive. Moreover, it was tedious to get recognition among the prospective buyers. But with the gradual improvement and movement towards the internet driven world, it has gained perspective to a whole new world.

MVM Infotech, a Web Design Bangkok Company, has delivered numerous successful stories and continues to do so. Here’s how we deliver the top-notch e-commerce solutions to our clients dealing in home décor, furnishing, lifestyle, accessories, artworks etc:

Convenient log in steps– Websites designed by us ensure the easy access of user accounts. From creating a new account for managing the search data, everything is built keeping in mind consumer’s data security and ease. Options such as log in, sign up, forgot password, change password etc. are provided for user’s convenience and assembling their search and select history at one place.

View a product– While viewing a product, we provide an option with which your consumers can check out its rating given by buyers and also rate it themselves. They can even zoom in and out to see the details of the product and add to wishlist for future references. One can also assort the products and filter them according to what they want.

Follow the shop– When a buyer follows a shop, this basically allows them to get company’s detailed information and also its products as and when available.

Supplier information– The suppliers of the products can create their account and list down the items sold by them. They can fill in their details so that the consumers can grab some information about them and products to provide a personal touch which is actually important in case of no direct contact.

Special offers and checkout process– We can also provide the option of special offers for your audience so that they can avail those discounts during checkout. The payment gateway is also created in the most simplistic format with great user interface for best results. In fact, there are options to save the credentials including that of shipping address so that people don’t have to get into the meticulous process of entering it with every transaction.