How do we start, execute and manage Social Media projects?

What is SMO or Social Media Optimization?

SMO is a set of techniques used for generating publicity or spreading brand awareness and its products on social media especially by sharing the content that draws people. Types of social media include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, video sharing and blogging sites etc.

AT MVM Infotech, this is how we start a social media project-

MVM Infotech - start a social media project


Understanding client requirements– Before any project starts, it is mandatory to understand what kind of results client wants or if there are any specific social media platforms that he wants to use besides the ones that we are working on.

Analyzing the competitors- To get the best results, it is important to record the platforms that are being used by the competitors of a particular client. Based on which, he can determine what all social media platforms will be suitable for the client business.

Selecting the social media platforms- On the basis of above research and understanding of the client and his competitors, the social media platforms are then decided upon from the numerous available choices such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TumbleUpon, Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr etc to meet the results that he best desires for his business.

After this, comes the step of execution of SMO projects-


MVM Infotech - Execution of SMO projects

Creating accounts/pages on selected platforms- Based on the above discussed social media platforms, the pages and accounts are created for the brand to be promoted. In this, the relevant details including business information, images, banners and logo are added to complete the profile on any given social media platform.

Posting on those pages- To bring these created pages into the limelight, it is necessary to keep them up-to-date by regularly posting and indulging the users by creating creative content for the pages.

Join/create groups, committee etc- Now, through those created pages, we try to establish a firm foot on various platforms and spreading brand awareness by liking, following profiles of existing users, joining as well as initiating relevant groups/discussions/committees and inviting users to join the same.

 Now, we come to the part where we manage SMO projects


execution of SMO projects

Ensuring regular updates- It is necessary that the page is getting updated on a regular basis with relevant information so that it keeps the readers engaged and maintains the interaction between the client business and its customers.

Call to Action- Infographics, offers, competitions, events etc must be updated on the pages which keeps the users interacted. Infographics should be such that it binds them to the page making sure that it becomes their habit to visit the page regularly.

Adopting inorganic means- While you adopt various organic methods, it is wise to sometimes use inorganic methods as well which allows you to reach the users that otherwise might not know about your existence. Boosting interesting posts or displaying ads according to the client are a few common techniques.

Spam control- Our expert team of SMO professionals makes sure that all the irrelevant data is removed through various professional techniques to control the spamming in titles, tags, keywords, phrases, links, content etc.

Here, the final step of Analysis/ Progress Report comes into play-

MVM Infotech - Analysis/ Progress Report


Analyzing the data & checking the Progress- The only way to progress is by keeping a check on your progress. Therefore, we make sure that we analyze our performance to see whether our formed strategies are working or not.

Preparing a report- The analyzed data is now compiled into reports in proper formats so that they can be further sent to the clients.

Sending it to the client- These prepared reports are now sent to the client post which we sit with him to discuss if he wants the strategy to be changed and we also suggest our opinions based on results so as to avail the best outputs for them.

Forming strategies to further achieve the desired results- We then rework upon the earlier strategies and change them, if required. Sometimes, we carry on with the same strategies if we feel that they are giving the desired results.

So, this is how the team of our professionals at MVM Infotech handles your social media profiles. Just like SEO, social media optimization is also an essential technique for any business.

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