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What is Kotlin android language?

Kotlin is a general purpose, open source and statically typed programming language for the JVM and android that combines object-oriented and functional programming features. it’s targeted on interoperability, safety, clarity, and tooling ...   Read this post

What are the basic features in mobile app development?

From small to large scale companies, Mobile has become the latest frontier. Entrepreneurs currently seem to delve more into building a mobile application for their business rather than investing in a mobile friendly version of their website. The ...   Read this post

How to create a game app from scratch?

With a global market generating $100 Billion this year, it’s no surprise that lots of people wish to get in on the game app action. however getting rich off of the App Store is only one of the many possible motivations! who knows, you could ...   Read this post

How to develop ios app in swift?

Swift programming language announced by Apple at the 2014 World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC). Prior to Swift’s introduction, Mac and iOS apps were mainly written in a language called Objective-C, which is a strict superset of the C ...   Read this post

Most popular languages used for developing a mobile app

Programming language is the deciding factor for an app developer to form his app development journey a pleasant one. And, selecting the best programming language may be a lot like selecting a favorite candy from a store. the choice of your ...   Read this post

Latest Android Oreo Version and its Features

Android 8.0 Oreo focuses primarily on speed and efficiency. Others are faster too, according to our testing. Pesky background activity that drains your battery and data plan have been restricted, another perk of Oreo. Android Oreo skimps on bold ...   Read this post

How to make Apps for the iPhone and iPad?

Apple’s iPhone is considered to be one of the most popular smart phones in the market today. he company has been successful in creating demand for its new devices year after year consistently. it’s not only been a trendsetter but has ...   Read this post

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Developing a dynamic mobile app is no longer a complex process, though attaining perfection is quite challenging. The smallest mistake can pose huge problems and risk hard-earned money apart from loss of valuable time. The main aim of any app ...   Read this post

mobile app developers in Bangkok

  As more and more customers begin to rely on their smartphone explodes the need for the mobile presence. As it continues to play an increasingly important role in engaging with customers, developing an App is one of the easiest ways to ...   Read this post