What makes a good business logo?

What makes a good business logo?

A logo design is the basis on which you build your brand. But can you identify a great logo? What are the qualities of a great logo? Can you tell a unique logo from a cliched logo? Know that a great logo is capable of making a company memorable.

Such a logo can exactly convey a brand message of a company to its target market. It conveys a company’s identity in addition. a unique logo is engaging however it has a purpose. it’s more than an artwork in web agency Bangkok.

A business logo is usually a graphic image or a symbol that contains a brand name or supports it. It can be a logotype having a company name. Such logos are of Coca-Cola, IBM, Xerox, etc. Other logos can be simply graphic. Such logos are merely an image of some object. For example, Apple logo has a bitten apple only or Nike logo is a swoosh. Some logos have both the type and a graphic.

There are five principles that you should follow to ensure to create best business logo:

It Is Memorable

One of the major characteristics of a logo design is that it is memorable for audience. A logo should be able to catch the audience attention. The logo must also engage prospective customers. Usually, great logos are easier to remember. Some logos have only a symbol which is much easier to remember than a company name. Take for example the Apple logo. We have this image of a bitten apple in our memory. This image is more dominant than the company name. this is how a company builds its brand.

So, it should be clear that logos become memorable designs when they have some graphic symbols by web designer Bangkok. We all understand that we remember pictures more vividly than words. Mostly, symbols are instantly remembered and recognized. This means that if you fail to quickly recognize an image, chances are that you will not remember it. This is the reason that abstract imagery is usually not considered as a right option when creating a memorable logo.

Remember that if your graphic design isn’t unique, it’ll not draw attention of people. when we saw pictures that we have been seeing so usually, we tend to forget them quickly.

It Has A Purpose

A good company logo has a purpose. this implies that the logo captures the essence of the company and business. Such a logo reflects business values of a company. These logos carry a meaning for the customers. So, people should be able to know what the company does and how it’s helpful to the customers.

The Logo Should Be Unique

It should be a unique design. By this we mean that the logo shouldn’t have any ready-made parts. people should be able to distinguish the logo from many other logos in the market. However, it’s becoming more and more difficult to be unique. this is because there are many logos in the market. an overwhelming number of customers are now exposed to brand packaging, promotion, and advertising by.

Great company logos will still stand out and create a statement. take for example the FedEx logo. it’s a color coding scheme. The word ‘Ex’ has color scheme that changes as per the services. So, for the FedEx Ground, the color of Ex is green and for FedEx Express, the Ex color is orange, and so on. Another feature of this logo is a hidden arrow. There is an arrow in the space between the letters E and X. All these features create this logo stand out and unique. In fact, unique design should be a feature of all graphic designs like a business card design.

It Should Be A Simple Logo

One of the chief signs of a great logo is that it’s a simple design. At the same time, there’s something unique and compelling about it. Usually, all the worldwide companies logos are simple design without any complexities involved. It should be a clean, strong, and efficient but engaging design by web design company Bangkok.

Simplicity of the company logos isn’t accidental however contains a purpose. The aim behind keeping the elements down to minimum is to make sure that the viewers will recognize the logo. For a brand to compete in the market it is very crucial that its logo is memorable. Success of company logos is in how quickly and automatically the customers will associate or recognize a business with it.

The moment you see a yellow arch shape forming the letter M, you recognize it stands for the fast food restaurant of McDonald. even as you see the apple with a missing bite, you recognize it represents the Smartphone and laptop manufacturer giant. Make sure that all of your graphic design products, even your social media page should be a simple design that can engage the audience.

Make It Versatile

Often, logos are printed on a surface that is colorless. For example, a logo appearing in a newspaper ad will be in black and white. A logo will also appear colorless in most of the photocopies, faxed documents, stationeries, etc. An ideal logo is the one that doesn’t lose its impact even in its colorless version. this implies that your advertisement design that you wish to publish in a newspaper should be able to remarkably carry your logo in black and white.

A logo should be applicable to everything. There are several media choices available today. So, a company can choose to put a logo on print advertising, tv advertising, direct mail, email, printed communications, websites, Facebook pages, and so on. you may also wish to place your logo on trucks, coffee mugs, uniforms, signs, and many other such things. Therefore, your company logo design should apply on practically everything.